H.C. Olsen Construction


Olsen Construction, founded in 1946, has expertise in all aspects of construction and has specialized in telecommunications work since its inception.

Over the last ten years, Olsen Construction has consciously sought to broaden its client base to include other markets. This includes institutional, commercial, and public works projects. The high levels of technical competence, performance ability, coordination skills, and security-awareness developed while performing telecommunications work has served Olsen Construction well when performing its more recent work in these newer markets.

In addition, Olsen Construction has made good use of technology. From cell phones and laptop computers that connect office personnel to the field, to our website that provides access to electronic documents, to online training made available by our clients to our Timberline accounting package that enhances project tracking and control: Olsen Construction has found the right technologies that really work for both our clients and our employees.

Olsen Construction understands that in today's highly competitive marketplace, it is not enough to simply reduce costs or accelerate the schedule -- it is necessary to accomplish both in order to succeed. Olsen Construction also understands that it can play a significant role in helping its clients streamline their project activities to keep them at the top of their markets. Streamlining project activities can be accomplished in a number of ways, but the underlying key is involvement -- early, ongoing, and significant involvement.


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